Human Rights of Women in Egypt
Professor Mona Zulficar
Vice Chair of the UN Human Rights Council Advisory Committee
Member, National Council for Human Rights (Egypt)
Academy for Educational Development
March 16, 2009 | Washington, DC

Click here to read Professor Zulficar's Paper on Legal Reform as an Instrument for Gender Equality


Professor Mona Zulficar



WFPG Board Treasurer Dawn Calabia, Professor Mona Zulficar, and WFPG President Patricia Ellis



Dawn Calabia introducing Professor Zulficar


Professor Mona Zulficar discusses her work in human rights in Egypt

WFPG members and guests chat before the program

Professor Mona Zulficar and Stephen Ives

Professor Mona Zulficar and Dr. Hind Sadek

WFPG members and guests during the program

Amanda Ellis of the World Bank talks with Professor Mona Zulficar after the program

An audience member asks a question during the Q&A