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War and Diplomacy: The Inside Story of Covering the World's Conflicts

December 11 — Women’s Foreign Policy Group recognized CBS News Foreign Affairs Correspondent Margaret Brennan, New York Times Pentagon Correspondent Helene Cooper, and Washington Post Pentagon Correspondent Missy Ryan for their outstanding coverage of national security and foreign policy issues. The discussion on "War and Diplomacy: The Inside Story of Covering the World's Conflicts" covered issues from Syria, ISIS and the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, to the Climate Summit and Libya. The panelists also discussed the challenges of covering these breaking stories. The conversation was moderated by New York Times Washington Bureau Chief and WFPG Board Member Elisabeth Bumiller. Watch on C-SPAN | View Photos

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The Paris Agreement: A Historic Turning Point or a Toothless Political Symbol?

On January 5th, WFPG hosted a lively discussion with Coral Davenport, energy and environment correspondent for The New York Times, on the political significance of the international climate change accord reached in Paris, and the crucial role that President Obama played in obtaining this achievement.  View photos and videos.

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