WFPG distributes articles, newsletters and reports to further elevate the voices of our women speakers and expand the foreign policy dialogue by sharing their insights with members, partners, and the public at large. WFPG also publishes a Guide to Women Leaders in International Affairs to highlight the growing number of women leaders worldwide. All of our publications are available electronically. Join our mailing list to be notified of publication releases.

Guide to Women Leaders


alt WFPG publishes an annual Guide to Women Leaders in International Affairs to highlight the voices of women around the world and the role that they play as leaders, diplomats, and policymakers. The Guide  provides an index of prominent women from across the international community including: heads of state and government, government ministers, leaders of international organizations and corporations, American officials and diplomats, and women representatives to the US and the UN. This free publication is available online and is distributed to our members and partners.

2015 Newsletter


alt Learn more about WFPG's recent events and programs in our semi-annual newsletters or in monthly e-news. Our Anniversary Newsletter features our 20th anniversary conference in which WFPG celebrated 20 years of promoting women’s leadership and voices in foreign affairs. The conference on “Women Leaders Tackling 21st Century Challenges” highlighted women from across the foreign policy community. The day-long conference covered discussions on the Middle East, women’s leadership in the public and private sectors, the impact of technology and social media in foreign policy, media coverage of global hot spots, and 20 ideas to meet tomorrow’s global challenges.



WFPG Membership Directory


alt The Women's Foreign Policy Group Membership Directory is now available exclusively online and can only be accessed by current members. The Directory allows members to view other members photos, affiliations, biographies, expertise, languages, and publications. Members can email the WFPG at [email protected] to be put in contact with another WFPG member. Members have the option to be unlisted.

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Guide to Women Leaders


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Other Publications


Faces of Contemporary Islam: Fresh Perspectives on Theory, Practice, and Foreign Policy (2008)


The Changing Nature of Conflict (2001)