Islamic Perspectives on Democratic Virtues, Pluralism, and the Common Good
Asma Afsaruddin, 2005 Carnegie Corporation Scholar,
Associate Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Notre Dame
July 26, 2006 | Washington, DC

"There is a verse in the Koran about how Muslims can come to the defense of everyone - all those communities whose faith is under attack. So, it includes people who want to defend their houses of worship and the houses of worship that are mentioned include temples and synagogues, churches and mosques. So, interestingly, Muslims can fight a Jihad in defense of other people who are under attack."


Asma Afsaruddin with WFPG Board member
Dawn Calabia and WFPG Executive Director Patricia Ellis

Carnegie Scholar Asma Afsaruddin
addressing WFPG meeting

Asma Afsaruddin conversing with Austrian Ambassador
Eva Nowotny and Pauline Baker at luncheon event

Question and answer period

Luncheon participants at the
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace