Our Time Has Come: How India is Making Its Place in the World
May 14, 2018 | Washington, DC
Alyssa Ayres, Council on Foreign Relations
Moderator: Elisabeth Bumiller, The New York Times
Introduction: Ambassador Robert Blake, McLarty Associates

Washington, DC—On May 14, 2018, the WFPG hosted a conversation with Author Alyssa Ayres and New York Times Washington Bureau Chief Elisabeth Bumiller on Ayres' new book Our Time Has Come: How India is Making its Place in the World. During her remarks, Ayers, a Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia, underlined that India’s economic growth has vaulted it into the ranks of the world's great powers, and she considers how the US and the international system need to adjust to make room for India at the table. Ayers also addressed the obstacles that India continues to face, both regionally and domestically. During the course of the discussion Ayers covered India's cautious pivot from non-alignment, the importance of Chabahar port, defense cooperation with the US, and relations with China, as well as major domestic challenges including poor infrastructure, widespread violence against women, and government corruption. Ambassador Robert Blake, a McLarty Associates Senior Director and former Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, gave opening remarks and the program was held at Industrious Washington, DC.

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Author Alyssa Ayers discusses her new book
Our Time Has Come 
WFPG Board Member and New York Times Washington Bureau Chief Elisabeth Bumiller


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Ambassador Blake of WFPG Corporate Advisory Council Member McLarty Associates introduces the speakers
WFPG Executive Director Kim Kahnhauser Freeman welcomes guests

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Alyssa Ayers and Elisabeth Bumiller

Marcia Wiss asks a question on corruption and reform


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Daneesh Majid during the Q&A

Alyssa Ayers addresses questions from the audience 


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WFPG Member Susan Reardon asks a question

Satwant Khanalia of the Embassy of India, and Sadanand Dhume of American Enterprise Institute


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Participants listen to the discussion

Alyssa Ayers and Margretta Puspita of the Embassy of Indonesia during the booksigning


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Judi Teske and Alyssa Ayers 

Alyssa Ayers signs copies of her book