The Unofficial War in Libya: What Now for the US?
Elisabeth Bumiller, Pentagon Correspondent, The New York Times

Washington, DC—On April 15, 2011, Elisabeth Bumiller, Pentagon Correspondent for The New York Times, briefed WFPG on the situation in Libya. She discussed the US's role, the challenges of supporting a rebel force with no clear leadership and the debate over arming rebels.

Bumiller addressed how the French have taken the lead. The US has opted to take on a supporting role in the UN-mandated, NATO-led intervention in Libya through its participation in the no-fly zone, despite Secretary Gates' warnings and recommendation against involvement. Gates affirmed that there will be no boots on the ground "as long as I'm in this job," but policies may shift once the new Secretary of Defense is confirmed. Bumiller also shared that there is an unwritten "this is your war" attitude towards the French. The Arab League, who initially supported the effort, has now spoken out against it. Qatar is the only country in the region still participating.


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Elisabeth Bumiller, Pentagon Correspondent
for The New York Times

  Deputy Chief of Mission Deborah Lyons (Canada),
Elisabeth Bumiller, and WFPG President Patricia Ellis

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WFPG Board Member Theresa Loar and Patricia Ellis

  Elisabeth Bumiller addresses the audience

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WFPG Board Treasurer Dawn Calabia asks a question

  John Fredenberger addresses Elisabeth Bumiller

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