WFPG Remembers Secretary Madeleine Albright

We invite our members to share their remembrances of Secretary Albright and we will post some selected passages. Share your story here.

"Many of us in the Women’s Foreign Policy Group, myself included, had the great privilege of serving at the U.S. State Department under Secretary Albright’s leadership. Her patriotism was contagious and she made us feel we were doing the most consequential work of our lives. When she first took the stage to address the State Department, she said she was asked what it was like to be the first female Secretary of State, she quipped, “Well, I’ve been a woman for 60 years and have just become secretary of state, so let’s see.” What we saw was a transformative figure take her place on the world stage, determined to integrate the advancement of women into U.S. foreign policy, while helping America, as she put it, “to stand tall.” 

Theresa Loar, Vice Chair, WFPG Board of Directors

"Secretary Madeleine Albright was Chair of the Interagency Council on Women from 1998 - 2000. Under her leadership and determination as Secretary, the State Department worked closely with Congress to gain bipartisan support for, and ultimate passage of, a new law entitled the 'Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000'."

Anita Botti, Treasurer, WFPG Board of Directors

"I am honored that I had the chance to know and work with this amazing woman leader...she inspired a generation of women leaders to aim high and to bring others along with them. We are eternally grateful for all she did to encourage, support and lift up women." Read her full blog post here

Patricia Ellis, WFPG Co-Founder and President Emeritus

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