Gender Traps in Communications

May 5, 2021 | Online
Lynn Fahselt and Dorry Levine, ReThink Media

WFPG and WIIS hosted Lynn Fahselt and Dorry Levine from ReThink Media for an interactive workshop on how to avoid common communications mistakes and to elevate and amplify fellow women’s voices in meetings and in the workplace. They covered why it is so important for women to engage in these conversations, as well as the most common errors and strategies to counter these pitfalls both individually and institutionally.

The speakers noted that all genders often perceive the same strengths and weaknesses when reflecting on both their own and others’ communication styles. Some of the traps that women often fall into include: using passive communication; getting interrupted; using filler language; allowing others to take credit; being unable to say no; feeling small; and “impost-her” syndrome. Fahselt shares tips on how to break out of these molds in her recent blog post.

Among participants, the inability to speak up and the tendency to over-apologize resonated the most. Through intentional exercises and brief mental exercises, Fahselt and Levine encouraged confidence and assertiveness among participants and encouraged them to take these skills back into the workplace. This event was part of our Professional Development Series co-hosted by Women in International Security. Members can view key takeaways and watch a recording here. This program was a part of our Professional Development Series co-hosted by Women In International Security. Members can watch a recording here or on our Member Career Resources page.

Thank you to our speakers!

Lynn FahseltLynn Fahselt is a specialist in media analysis, organizational development, strategic planning, and message development. With 25 years of experience in communications, she completed the original research that led to the launch of ReThink. Lynn has conducted extensive media analysis on a wide range of foreign policy issues and was part of an international research team conducting groundbreaking research in a five-country study of globalization themes in television news coverage. She completed a senior Fellowship at Fenton Communications and has also served as a communications consultant to the organizations including the Carnegie Corporation, Peace and Security Initiative, and Open Society Institute. She holds a Masters Degree in Global Media and Communications at the University of Melbourne, with a uniquely tailored focus on advocacy communications, and graduated from Michigan State.

Dorry LevineDorry Levine is the Communications Director at ReThink Media. Dorry works to tell ReThink’s story, from managing our website and blog to positioning the organization and its principals as thought leaders in movement-building through advocacy communications. Prior to becoming the Director of Communications, Dorry spent five years leading digital strategy for ReThink, managing communications for the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health and Public Citizen, and working as a journalist in Northern Virginia. Dorry earned her Master's Degree in Communication at Johns Hopkins University, with concentrations in digital, nonprofit, and corporate communication. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from American University.