Inside the Madrasas: Challenges and Dilemmas
Professor Ebrahim E.I. Moosa, Associate Research Professor of Religion, Duke University
September 20, 2006

"One of the things we must not confuse is that sometimes when Muslims and people in the villages in India and Pakistan say, 'my kid is going to the madrasa,' sometimes, they mean Sunday school. In Indian villages and Pakistan the children get up early in the morning, because it's agrarian society, they do their morning prayers, and they go for two hours to get Sunday school lessons. Then they return home get a breakfast, and then go to secular school..."


Patricia Ellis, WFPG President,
Professor Ebrahim Moosa, 2005 Carnegie Scholar, and
Pat Rosenfield, Carnegie Corporation of New York

Professor Ebrahim Moosa addresses audience
at the Institute of International Education

Professor Moosa and Susan King of the
Carnegie Corporation of New York

Allan Goodman, President and CEO,
Institute of International Education and Professor Moosa